Custom-made advice and follow-up to support injured athletes.

After an injury, let’s work together to get compensation commensurate with the after-effects you actually endure every day.

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About me

My name is Olivier Caisso, and I am a former professional rugby player.

If you are a professional or amateur athlete injured currently or in the past, I can provide you with support and advice for all the administrative procedures that you need to go through.

Through C Sport Pro Conseil, I want to give all players, amateurs and  professionals alike, the opportunity to get fair compensation.

Simplify your life.

Why call on us ?

We have the expertise you need

Our team consists of lawyers and medical advisors.

Negotiation with insurance companies

90% of cases we handle result in compensation.

Higher compensation amounts

20-25% higher amounts on average as compared with insurance companies' initial proposals.

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I am committed to give you an answer as quickly as possible and to show responsiveness.

Olivier Caisso