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Get 20-25% higher compensation amounts

If you suffered an injury which generated after-effects, I aim to provide you with my help and support, whether you are a professional or amateur athlete.

With the assistance of your lawyer or a lawyer to whom we can refer you, we allow you to obtain the best possible compensation proportional to

the after-effects you are experiencing daily.

You should know that more than 9 out of 10 cases that we handle lead to compensation

with 20-25% higher amounts on average as compared with insurance companies’ initial proposals.

A straightforward process

1. First contact

By phone, email or face-to-face appointment, our first contact allows us to get to know each other and clearly delineate your specific case and profile. Whether you were recently injured or have already recovered (« consolidated* »), this first contact aims will enable us to define the possibilities as well as the scope of action, support, and the services I can offer you. Following this appointment, feel free to take some time and think it out, then get back to me with your decision as to our potential cooperation. Our mutual commitment shall be formalized through an Agreement of administrative services.

True team cohesion

2. Preparing your application

I guide you every step of the way of all administrative steps to apply for compensation.
In close collaboration, we therefore gather all the supporting documents to be supplied for the smooth running of the procedures initiated.

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As responsive as on the field

3. A stringent follow-up

I remain at your entire disposal at any time to respond to your concerns relating, among other things, to the procedures initiated with the various organizations. Your application status, details of the steps in progress, prospects considered…
Being responsive to your requests is my priority.
When your application file is complete with all the required documentation, the lawyer will take over and will constantly be liaising with the relevant organizations.

Knitted together until the final whistle blow

4. End-to-end real support

I will remain your primary contact throughout the « lifetime » of your application for compensation.
From the first contact between us until the payment of your compensation, my goal is to prepare you optimally so that you can truly receive the « equivalent » of what you suffer every day because of your after-effects.


I work for all athletes, amateurs and professionals alike, who are currently injured or were injured in the past (and are therefore said to be « consolidated ») The only requirement is to hold a membership card with a sports federation or a « Life Accident Guarantee » (Garantie des accidents de la vie – « GAV »)….

You are considered « consolidated » when your condition no longer changes, which means that your after-effects are stabilized and will no longer change. For instance, in the case of an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament of the knee) injury, it usually takes 6 to 9 months after surgery to get consolidated.

It all depends on the procedure to be conducted and the expected outcomes. Some procedures can be initiated the same day you got injured while others require that you have recovered (« consolidated »). Ideally, you should not wait too long after injury before you call on us so that we can define our strategy and the expected compensation. In any case, you should make a claim within 2 years.

It depends on the specific procedure initiated. The timeframe varies widely. It spans from several weeks to several months.

At your disposal for quality support!

I am committed to give you an answer as quickly as possible and to show responsiveness.

Olivier Caisso